Michael Schenker's guitars

link to Michael's amp & pedals settings

Your host (very proudly) presenting Michaels two Gibson Flying V's

Guitar Nb 1


Michael's nb1 guitar
  • 1975 Flying V equipped with a Seymour Duncan (probably a Jeff Beck) PU in the lead position.
  • The original pickguard has been replaced with a '67 reissue type
  • Neck joint has been reglued
  • No PU surroundings
  • Original Kluson tuners have been replaced by Schallers
  • Bares a small "1" on the left of the neck joint

  • Guitar Nb 2

    Michael's nb 2 guitar
  • Also a 1979 block inlay Flying V  - Have not seen this one in a while

  • Guitar Nb 3


    Michael's backup V (Nb 3)
  • 1979 block inlay Flying V
  • Original painte pickguard & tuss rod cover
  • Original P.U's with surrounding rings
  • Bound fretboard
  • Bares a samll "3." on the left of the neck joint
  • Has faded notes scribbled on the edge of the top wing (felt pen)

  • Guitar Nb 4

    Nb 4
  • Clearly a 1975 - 1979 standard Alpine White
  • This belonged to Leon Lawson - not happy I believe

    My appreciation :
  • Nb 1 is in bad condition, the neck probably snapped off at the joint or was replaced, the paint is gone all around the joint. 
  • The action is pretty low (as I like it) with very slight buzzing on the top E string (that might be my way of playing)
  • Strings are D'Angelico Soul-Rock Regular but feel lighter for some reason (tuning maybe although I doubt it)
  • Nb 3 is in better condition though I couldn't tell if it's the one being smashed on "Built to destroy", if it is, it was very well repaired.
  • PU's look very original
  • The black paint on the top part of the pickguard is peeling off
  • Action is as above