2002 Custom Flying V metallic blue

Gibson introduces this latest futuristric custom Flying V with the creation of 4 new colors.

GreenBlue Copper Silver

                      It's appropriate that guitars that were originally designed to reflect the lines of  the automobiles would finally get finishes that do the same. Each guitar  in this collection of three of Gibson's  most "futuristic" models-the Explorer, Flying V, and Futura-has several intriguing appointments, but none more  immediately noticeable than the finish. "I read a lot of hot rod and street car magazines, and metallic colors like these are the trend in car restoration right now," says finish master Mick McGuire in reference to the metallic copper, silver, green, and blue finishes found in this  collection. Also notable on these guitars are the aluminum pickguard and truss rod covers (designed by engineer John  McGuire and the Pro Shop's Bill Jancar, respectively) and the large, retro-style  volume and tone knobs. John McGuire said, "They're similar to some knobs Edwin (Wilson, Historic Program manager) brought back from Japan, and they really remind me of old stereo knobs.



It's fitting that these three guitars, with body shapes designed to echo the lines and curves of the automobiles of the '50s, should finally get finish colors to complete that connection. Each of the three guitars will have a limited run of 60 (15 in each color). The Custom Shop will offer the Explorer models in August, the Flying V models in September and the Futura models in October.