1967 Flying V (First Reedition)

Gibson started manufacturing this first reedition in 1966 and production was shipped from 1967 through 1969. The model officially appeared in the price lists in 1967, hence it's commonly known '67 reissue appelation.

This guitar was produced in 5 batches of 35 guitars or a total of 175 instruments. There are differences between the batches :
(thanks to Larry Meiners for doing the research that came to the following data compilation, please refer to his book - Flying V, The illustrated history of this modernistic guitar)

First and second batches :
Mainly Cherry guitars some tobacco sunburst. They have a short shelf (flat area behind the neck joint before the heel tapers to the actual neck), some early models have an elongated truss rod cover. Bell knobs with inserts are found on those guitars. 1 piece body and neck.

Third and fourth batches :
Cherry, tobacco sunburst and sparkling burgundy (refered to later as candy apple red), black. These have a longer shelf compared to the earlier ones. Some guitars came with witch hat knobs. The later guitars of this batch have a 3 piece neck.

Fifth batch :
natural with matching unpainted headstock was introduced in this serie, the shelf is again the short one.

All guitars were originally fitted with a Gibson Vibrola. On the earlier batches, the vibrato tail is flat on the guitar body, later Gibson ran out of this base and used a raised base that is identifyable because of the 3 spacers beween the base and the guitar body.


1967 Flying V

Rudolf playing his 1968 V during the "face the heat" tour.

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