1979 Bloc Inlay Gibson Flying V

In 1979, Gibson produced a very small batch of pearl bloc inlay Flying V's.
The number of guitars is estimated to be fewer than 50 although a production number is not available.
All guitars were finished white.
A whole bacth of 25 instruments was sold to a single shop in Cleveland Ohio. Most of the guiatrs has sequential serial numbers.

This model has noticably been made famous by Michael Schenker. Graham OIliver (Saxon), Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) have been playing them as well.

Some distinctive features include :

It is to be noted that this production was probably accross the time when Gibson changed the headstock shape (75 shape to 80's) as well as the pichguard shape (rouder angle at the right of the stop bar). Very few of the guitars have the distinctive 75 headstock and pickguard (see attached picture), this is also the case of Michael Schenker's # 3). Most guitars have the bulkier 80's headstock and pickguard shapes.

Typical 1975 pickguard shape

Typical 1975 headstock shape

Michael Schanker's # 3 distinctively has the 1975 headstock shape while it has the 80's pickguard shape.

This example seems to have the 80's headstock shape with the 1975 pickguard shape.
Picture courtesy Larry Meiners.

Both guitars have the 80's headstock and pickguard shapes.
The guitar on the left has had a Bigsby tremolo unit added subsequently.
Picture courtesy Jeff.