Lenny Kravitz 67 custom historic Flying V event

June 11th, 2002 Zürich Switzerland

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Lenny Kravitz signature Gibson Flying V is a 1967 historic reissue with a black and gold flake finish. The pickguard and truss rod cover are gold mirror.

This serie is 125 instruments, all individually numbered 1/125 on the back of the headstock.
There is a serigraphy of Lenny's signature next to the serial number.
The cases are black tolex with lLenny's signature on th top. Interior is white plush except for guitars #1 to #10 where the plush is black.
All guitars come with a certificate of authenticity and a kit comprising a jack cable, picks, polishing cloth etc.

Your host with the 6 guitars in Switzerland - Lenny during the live performance

Prototypes # 1 and 2 owned by Lenny have chrome hardware opposed to the production batch which has gold hardware.

On June 11th 2002, for the 70th anniversary of the Swiss Gibson Representation (Zenker AG), Mr. Peter Zenker  organised a signing event for the 6 Lenny Kravitz Gibson  Flying V's in Switzerland.

numbers 9, 10, 28, 41, 44 and 46 

The event took place at Lenny's concert in Zürich Hallenstadion.
After a presentation of the six guitars (numbers 9, 10, 28, 41, 44 and 46 of 125) in the Zürich Oërlikon Swisshotel with the owners : Nabil (Music Store) - Fabrice (Schmidt Musique) - Stephano, Nino & Giuseppe (Musik Prodiktiv) - Peter Zenker and Scotch (Zenker AG) and your host, 


we took the guitars to Lenny's dressing room at the Hallenstadion concert hall where, shortly after the concert, he received us and signed all six instruments and gave us a photo shoot.

Your host with Lenny

Jenny, Miss Switzerland 2002 kindly accepted to pause for us with nb 10 !

Lenny shared with me and for the benefit of the Gibson Flying V Website visitors that he owned 4 1967 Gibson Flying V's all in fully original condition :

  • Number one is a Sperkling Burgundy finish that he very recently gave away (no I will not say to whom).
  • Number two is a natural mahogany finish (batch #5 for you readers of Larry's Flying V book)
  • Number three is an original pelham blue that faded to green (his guitar tech insists the finish is orginal)
  • Number four is probably cherry
Lenny doesn't use those on stage anymore but uses 2 of his signature 1967 historic reissues (number 1 and 2 of 125). He also uses a white SG custom, a Les Paul and a couple of strats and accoustic.

The concert was an astounding one, definitely a Jimi vibe and so well supported by the 67 historics ! Rough and no substitue !

Thank you Lenny !

Picture of the Lenny Kravitz historic 67 next to a 1989 67 reissue and a 1967 of the first production batch