1969 Flying V

Here's a first reissue V with the shorter headstock. This is most probably the model that led to the 1971 Medalion Flying V and the subsequent productions until 1983.
These pictures and information were given to me by Tim Lee. We spent some weeks going over the features of the guitar detail by detail to finaly agree on the purpose and date.
There are some unmistakable details such as the appearing tenon in the V curve (refer to medallion page for picture) to date this instrument although the serial number could also point to 1975.

This is one of 15 such guitars that year

Gibson was experiencing several things amongs which the decal logo on the peghead. They introduced that feature later on a limited nomber of guitars during 80 to 83 only (to date).

The golden decal logo is a feature that Gibson adopted much later on limited series.
The headstock point shape is very distinctive of the '70s V.

Note the absence of the volute common to the Medalion and later models up to 1982

Note the stamped serial number

The gold plated hardware also suggests a prototype.

The knob pointers also illustrate the '70s style.

It is unusual to see a Les Paul type ring under the switch nut.

here's the original statement of authenticity from Gruhn :

Description :
serial # 550989.
This guitar conforms to the standard description of the model for this period, with mahogany V-shaped body, cherry red finish, triangular arrangement of control knobs, and no volute or "Made in the USA" stamp on the back of the headstock which characterizes the 1970 model. This is not a replica of the 50's Flying V but is called by the same name because it is similar.
This guitar is in excellent condition, and is a relatively rare model.

George Gruhn

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