The medaillon Flying V
In 1971, Gibson introduced this special edition supposedly to commemorate the upcoming 1972 Olympic games. 350 guitars where built.

Note the hump at the back of the neck, that disapeared in the early 80's.
This example has had it's Kluson deluxe tuners replaced by 3 on a plate type Klusons

There is a distinctive way the body's halves are glued on a mahogany strip to prevent the body halves slipping apart during the gluing process and strengthen the joint between the two halves
(detail provided by Paul Gagné - luthier in Quebec City Canada).

One of Michael Schenker's 1971 Medaillon V's - In 1974, he removed the medaillon, filled the hole and repainted the guitar white

Rudolf Schenker displaying his "customized" Medaillon V

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