Gibson Flying V Pickups

All V's have historically had humbuckers with the exception of the V2 (boomrang shaped single coils) and the V90Double thet had 1 single coil.

There has been the one off custom production with either 3 single coils or P90's but those are not production models so I will not illustrate them.

Some pics can be enlarged by clicking.
1958 : as Gibson introduced the Flying V, they logically used the current production well known PAF pickup. To my knowledge all PAFs on 58 V's are double black bobins (until one of you owners tells me differently !).
Those were called "PAF" because Gibson, at the time, had applied for a patent for this design (by Seth Lover) but not received the number yet. So they applied stickers on the bottom plate of the PU saying "Patent Applied For".

Here a PAF displayed under a 50's P90

here's a nice batch of 3 PAF humbuckers
Here's an example of the original instructions Gleaflet that Gibson gave with the guitars equipped with teh newly designed humbuckers (click to enlarge).

1967 to 1975 : On the 67 / 71 Medallion and early 75's the pickups were "T-Buckers" or "T-Bones". Basically the production following the PAF. These had a sticker with "Patent No 1 737 842" which was actually the patent number of a whammy tailpiece.
Those PU's have a "T" on the top of each plastic bonin hence the "T-bucker" denomination.

Here the "T" can easily be seen.

A PAF and under a "T-Bucker"

1976 to 1980's : Same kind as before except the correct patent number is stamped in the metal bottom.

1983 to 1989 : Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers were the most common choice. On The V and V CMT, the dirty fingers had 2 exposed creme coils.

1989 V90 and Double : Gibson used a Printed Board mounted HB-1 humbucker. This specific PU allowed different settings such as coil splitting etc.  On the V90 Double there was also a single coil PU in the neck position.

1990 onwards : The 496R and 500T combination has been used since. Note that some early models came with a Gibson logo impressed on the bottom plate.

1990 onwards vintage : Historic editions and Korinas will today have Classic '57s or Classic Plus humbuckers.

1980 Humbucker  /1989 V90 Double HB-1 PCB mounted

                             /1989 V90 Double single coil

1980 humbucker / 1981 heritage Korina Humbucker

1990 500T Humbucker / 1990 496R Humbucker

1982 V2 : the first batches came with boomerang shaped PU's. It is not clear if they are single coils or mini humbuckers although the timbre and output suggest single coils but they are composed of 2 coils in a chevron disposition. The lack of success of those prompted Gibson to issue the remainder V2s with regular humbuckers.
1990 set of 496R and 500T with Gibson embossed logo