1979 Flying V 2

Gibson had the idea to create a new challenging V design : the "V2"
Unfortunately due to their high price and esthetics, these guitars weren't as popular as the "standard" V.

The first batches were produced using V shaped pickups giving the guitar a thinner single coil low output.
First batches were in Natural finishes (Sandwich type mahogany and ash (I think).

Subsequenly several custom colors such as candy apple red, silverburst, "sparkling" bahama blue, black, sparkly black, sunbursts, etc.  were produced.

A few batches down the line (approx end of 81 & 82), while facing little sales success, Gibson tried to sell the leftovers by fitting V"s with standard humbucker pickups. Those guitars do not have pickguards.

Thanks to Chris for his collection picture

Natural 1979 Flying V 2.
Completely stock
This 1982 V2 seems to have been refinished and had the pickups changed.
S/N # 81162028

Courtesy : Takuya Okamoto