The Rudolf Schenker collection
This page is not up to date but I will update it as I get more detailled information
Follow this link for pictures of his actual collecton (approx 54 Flying V's)

This picture is probably 10 years old (it was given to my by a friend who though I would be interested, at the time I wouldn't of imagined I'd create a site on the net -what's that thing bay the way - so I am happy I keept it all that time!).
There are 3 1958 original V's, 3 '67-'69 V's, 2 '71 Medaillon (the other is the black & white one), one '75 natural finish, 3 '83 reeditions of the '58, 4 ~'80 models, 2 '84 Rudolf Schenker Signatures, ... (I will include any ammendments to this list as soon as I get confirmation).

One of Rudolfs original 1958 V's
Probably a 1967 first reedition with the pickup surroundings added.
Rudolf exchanged this guitar for a leather jacket to Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash)
A very nice 1969 Flying V equipped with the Gibson Deluxe Vibrola bar.
Rudolf brought this one from Andy Powell as well.
This is Rudolf's main guitar, it's a 1974 model refinished in his trademark colors.
This is a 1984 "Star Inlay" Flying V