The Silverburst Flying V (1979 - 1982)

I was personally told that 10 guitars left the factory with this finish in 1982. Thanks to Junya, I have found out that at least one guitar was produced in 1979 with that same finish. Subsequently, it appears that Silverburst was indeed a regular Flying V (and Les Paul) finish although mine (below left) bears a distinctive label in the case saying "Limited 80 Silverburst".

In 1982, I was told that 20 other guitars were produced, 10 of which in "pink burst" (pink with a black edge) one was owned by guitarist of french band "Little Bob Story" and 10 "blue burst" (I have never seen any of those).

My personal model : 1982 only surroundings added
1979 Silverburst model, it looks original except for the knobs.
Courtesy Junya

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