Gibson Flying V Tuners

Although many V's out there have had tuners changed, I will try to present an accurate picture of what is thought to have been on guitars leaving the factories.

In 1958 the tuners were Kluson gold plated single ring (1 ring at the smaller end of the perloid tulip buttons) tulip tuners

The 1967 and 1971 Medalion guitars were equiped with either :

The tulip knobs are closer from the casing than on the Gibson Deluxe hereafter version

1975 to 1978 Flying V's had aluminium Tulip Gibson Deluxe Kluson tuners with smaller brushings:

1978 to 1981 Tulip tuners (plastic with a silver metal coating) with a solid casing including the Gibson Flowery logo and wide brushings

In 1981 Gibson started using unmarked Shaller oiled tuners

1981 V Bass tuners  are Schaller bass tuners :

1983 Designer, 1984 to 1989, 89/90 V90 double, 98 Limited Editions, Gothic use Grover oiled tuners (type rotomatic)


1998 - 2002 Korinas, Historic 67, Lenny Kravitz, 67 reissue etc, use Kluson manufactured Gibson Deluxe perloid tulip (single ring) tuners
1981-83 Heritages : similar but unmarked, manufacturd by Schaller